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Presidents’ Message

By the grace of Allah (SWT), Abu-bakr Islamic Centre was established in April of 2011. We started from humble beginnings with the intention to meet the needs of the Muslim community by providing a Musallah for the Muslims who live and work in the southeast community in the city of Calgary. The centre was first established by Imam Abdi Hersey in 2011 and then assumed by the Islamic Missionary Association in 2019.
Our aim has always been to serve Allah (SWT) and to respect and honor the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW). This organization is not about one single person or community but strictly to exalt Allah (SWT), and serve the Ummah of our beloved Prophet (SAW), may Allah (SWT) be pleased with our effort.

It has always been our intention to not just provide places of prayer for the individual but to expand on the services provided to the Muslim community and also the greater community we live in. Through the provision of services to non- Muslims it is our Dawah by highlighting the character of Muslims. This I believe is reflective of how our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and the Sahhaba gave Dawah and assisted the people regardless of faith. Moving forward, Abu Bakr Islamic Centre has many projects we hope to provide for the community. Our purpose is to serve the community at large, a vision for a youth recreation centre (gym) and events facility.

We offer a food donation service on a monthly basis to help those in need with food insecurity, while maintaining respect and dignity for those involved. Our grassroots began with the offering of prayers five times a day, evening classes for adults and madressa weekend classes for children. We hope to expand and offer many more services for the community, such as a recreation area and an events hall. By the will and grace of Allah (SWT) we may accomplish these goals and more.